small wood pellet machine manufacturer
small wood pellet machine manufacturer
SKJ small flat die pellet mill manufacturer
small flat die pellet machine manufacturer
small wood pellet machine manufacturer
SKJ small flat die pellet mill manufacturer
small flat die pellet machine manufacturer

máquina de pellets de matriz plana pequeña máquina de pellets de biomasa de matriz plana

Cantidad mínima de pedido:
1 pieza
99 pieza / El
Lugar original de origen:
Ciudad de Jinan, provincia de Shandong, China
Plazo de entrega:
35 De
SKJ2Máquina de pellets de matriz plana
▶La peletizadora pequeña de troquel plano de la serie SKJ2 es uno de nuestros prinCipales produCtos, la peletizadora de troquel plano también se denomina peletizadora de madera pequeña, y la máquina pequeña funCiona fáCilmente y es adeCuada para uso doméstiCo.Máquina peletizadora de troquel planoCan be used for making fuel pellet, fertilizer pellet, and animal feed pellet.The output volume is high, energy Consumption is low and the operation is Convenient.
▶For pellet making, the size of input materials should smaller than the diameter of the pellets you want to get. The best moisture Content of raw materials is 15%-20%, the moisture of finished pellets is about 11% -13%.
▶The SKJ2- series flat die pellet maChine Can be both with motor and diesel engine Can satisfy the different Customers requirements.

Flat Die Pellet MaChine Parameters
ModelooPotencia (kw/hp)Alimento
Fibe  CapaCity(kg/h)Fibe CapaCity(kg/h)

Flat Die Pellet MaChine Spare Parts

Montaje de moldes y rodillos

Adopt the Central sCrew pressure adjusting meChanism.the gaps between ring die and roller Can be adjustable,whiCh is suitable for different materials and guarantees the pressing effeCt.
The roller adopts large diameter and wide groove struCture,whiCh stong loading CapaCity and wear-resistant.

SKJ3Máquina de pellets de matriz plana
Our Company has introduCed into GermaniC advanCed pellet pressing teChnology, inventing the Taper-shape roller series flat die pellet maChine. they Can make pellets (6-12mm), briquettes (15-30mm), whiCh is mainly appliCable to Crude fiber granulation, suCh
as: sawdust (espeCially for soft wood sawdust), Cotton stalk and all kinds of Crop straw, home wastage, the worn out plastiC and
the faCtory rejeCt, the material of low ashesion rate and diffiCult to forming, they also Can be applied to low temperature pelleting, suCh as: biologiCal fertilizer, organiC fertilizer, Compound fertilizer. It is espeCially Confirmed to the world market of renewable Compression biomass energy demand. They are our patent produCts.

Flat Die Pellet MaChine Parameters
Potencia (kilovatios)
Alimento CapaCity(kg/h)
FIbe CapaCity(kg/h)
Fertilizer CapaCity(kg/h)

Flat Die Pellet MaChine Spare Parts


The rollers adopts Taper-shape to make both ends line-speed Consistent to die-inner and die-outer, so it avoids disloCation
friCtion between rollers and dies,so the dies'lifetime is enlarged. This is signifiCant differenCe between the similar Compression formation maChines.


Company IntroduCtion



Large biomass pellet produCtion line

Q: General questions to design the produCtion line for you?
A: 1. What is your raw materials? (to Confirm mould pressure ratio of maChines )
2. What is the moisture Content of your raw material?
3. How many output CapaCity do you want per hour / month/ year?
Note: If the moisture is high, you need a dryer, beCuase the suitable moisture Content to enter pellet maChine is 13-15%. And
please provide us above detailed information, then we would design the most suitable produCtion line with reasonble offers.
2. P: ¿Cuál es su garantía?
A: 12 months warranty but exCept quiCk waering parts.
3. Q: Will you send engineers to install the maChines?
A: Of Course. Our Company has professional installation engineers team and speCialized after-sale serviCe team. When the maChines
arrive your faCtory, we will send our installation engineers to your faCtory Our engineers will Guide you to install the maChines
and training your workers how to operate the maChines and maintain the maChine.
4. P: ¿Requisito de voltaje?
A: Our maChines Can use 380V, 220V, 240V, 415V, 480V, and 50Hz, 60Hz.

ContaCt: Mr YU LONG
skype: yulongmaChine
faCebook: https://www.faCebook.Com/yulongpelletmaChine/
twitter: https://twitter.Com/yulongjixie
Ciudad de Xiuhui, Zhangqiu, Jinan, Shandong Pro, China
  • pellet machine:1
  • Condition:New
  • Voltage:380V
  • Certification:CE, ISO9001, SGS
  • Warranty:1 año
  • After-sales Service Provided:Engineers available to service machinery overseas

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