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Wood planks and house demolition waste are made into biomass fuel pellets.The biomass fuel production line produces three to four tons per hour
Heilongjiang Jiamusi customer purchased 2 XGJ850 pellet machines from Shandong Yulong Machinery Co., Ltd. for the production of rice husk pellets.
Customers in Fujian Province, China purchase biomass fuel pellet complete production lines from our company, including: feeding and discharging belt conveyor - high-efficiency hammer mill - biomass pellet machine-finished pellet packaging machine - electric control cabinet
Case description:\n\nShanxi customers purchased the eighth-generation complete equipment of biomass pellet machine from our company, including feed conveyor belt - biomass pellet machine - the discharge conveyor belt - electric control cabinet
The wood chipper Crusher was exported to Vietnam and tested the machine before delivery.
The customer purchased two sets of XGJ560 eighth-generation biomass pellet machines from Shandong Yulong Company. The raw material of the customer is sawdust, and the total output of pellets is 3-4 tons per hour.\n\nThis set of equipment includes: skirt belt conveyor (flat conveying) - biomass pellet machine (complete set) - electric control cabinet
The production line configuration includes high-efficiency pulverizer - auger conveyor - biomass pellet mill - granulation silo above the granulator - large inclination angle conveyor - pellet cooler - finished product silo - electric control Cabinet group
The template material is pressed into biomass pellets.
The output of wood pellet production line is 6-8 tons per hour.Contains 4 pellet mills, 4 belt conveyors, and other auxiliary equipment.\n The vertical centrifugal high-efficiency ring die biomass pellet machine produced by our company combines the advantages of traditional horizontal ring die and flat die pellet machine, and is especially suitable for biomass pelleting.
Biomass pellet machine is a kind of pellet equipment commonly used in the biomass energy industry. It is a new type of fuel molding machine that crushes biomass raw materials such as tree branches and straws into rod-shaped particles to replace coal. Biomass pellet machine is divided into flat die machine and ring die machine.
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