Fujian wood waste pelletizing production line produces 4-6 tons per hour


Installation and commissioning of wood scrap pellet production line in Fujian Province, China has been completed

Case description:

Customers in Fujian Province, China purchase biomass fuel pellet complete production lines from our company, including: feeding and discharging belt conveyor - high-efficiency hammer mill - biomass pellet machine-finished pellet packaging machine - electric control cabinet.This production line produces 4-6 tons per hour, and customers use wood scraps as raw materials.

Process brief

1. First use a high-efficiency hammer mill to pulverize the scraps to a size suitable for granulation, and control the moisture content of the raw materials at 10-15%.
2. Then it is sent to the pellet mill through the belt conveyor.
3. When multiple pellet machines are connected in parallel, it is recommended to use a skirted flat conveyor belt for transition at the discharge end of the pellet machine. This is conducive to the integrity of the finished pellet transportation, and it is not easy to break.
4. After the particles are output from the flat conveyor belt conveyor on the skirt side, the particles enter the feed conveyor at the front end of the finished product warehouse.
5. The particles are sent to the finished product silo through the feeding belt conveyor.
6. The finished product silo is connected to the particle packaging equipment. It can be a granular packaging scale (small package) or a large ton charter machine (ton package)

Granule finished product

pellet packing machine

Biomass Pellet Mill Machine