Wood Crusher is exported to Vietnam and tested before delivery


Wood Chipper Crusher Was Exported To Vietnam

On June 24, 2022, Shandong Yulong Machine Co., Ltd. conducted a test run for the Tyrannosaurus Crusher to be delivered in the third factory area. This is a Tyrannosaurus wood chipper model TR-A80130, the power is 220+15+0.13kw, the theoretical output reference value is 130-180m³ per hour, the customer's raw material logs, and the exporting country of the wood chipper is Vietnam. Vietnamese customers heat-press the crushed small wood chips into boards by adding adhesives and other additives.

wood chipper is our company's newly improved special equipment for wood crushing. The raw material has a wide range of applications, logs, scraps, branches and other sizes can be crushed. The largest type of machine can directly crush logs with a diameter of 50cm. It is the first choice for raw material processing before pellet processing. It is also widely used in fuel processing for biomass power plants. Tyrannosaurus wood chipper is composed of feeding system, crushing system, driving motor, discharging system, hydraulic control system and electrical control system.

The advantages of wood chipper:

1. Feeding chain plate, this design is more sturdy and durable than the previous belt transmission.
2. There is an upper feeding roller at the front end of the feeding port, which forms a forced feeding with the lower chain plate, which can effectively provide stable material feeding to the rotor.
3. Equipped with a feeding safety auxiliary device, the upper and lower feedings run synchronously, and the speed of the upper and lower feeding motors is automatically adjusted by detecting the running current of the main motor, which reduces the frequency of jamming and holding the machine, and ensures the smooth operation of the equipment.
4 The knife roller is forged as a whole, there is no risk of welding, and the chopping is easier and more efficient. The rotor of the knife roller has undergone a dynamic balance test to make the machine run more stably.
5 Monolithic frame cast steel. The main frame is made of cast steel as a whole, which improves the rigidity of the equipment and makes the machine run more stably.

All the equipment of our company will go through the test machine test before leaving the factory, and it will be packaged only after the test is passed. This further ensures the quality of Yulong's products and makes customers more assured. We insist on providing customers with high-quality and cost-effective products, and strengthen technical support and after-sales service for customers.

Our company has been in this industry for more than 20 years since its establishment in 1998. Along the way, how many people have changed from strangers to customers, from customers to friends, Yulong chose sincerity, and customers chose trust. Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit, and we will continue to provide you with the best quality products and the most considerate service in the coming days. Yulong creates the future with you!