Two biomass pellet mills exported to Poland

A customer in Poland purchased 2 biomass pellet machines from Shandong Yulong Machinery Co., Ltd. The purchase model is XGJ560. One machine has an output of 1.5-2 tons per hour, and the main power is 132kw. The other machine has an output of 2-2.5 tons per hour, and the main power is 160kw. The raw material he uses is sawdust.The customer requires the hourly output of pellets to reach 3-4.5 tons per hour. Therefore, two pellet mills with different powers were purchased.A pellet machine with a power of 160 kW has all the advantages of a 132 kW pellet machine. Since it has more power, it also produces more. The 160kW pellet mill has become a must-have for customers to increase production.


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