Tips on Building Biomass Pellet Factory

Biomass energy has always been a hot topic worldwide.

Several characteristics of biomass energy:
1. Renewability
Biomass energy is a renewable resource. Biomass energy can be regenerated through photosynthesis of plants. It is a renewable energy source such as wind energy and solar energy. It is rich in resources and can ensure the sustainable use of energy.
2. Low pollution
The sulfur content and nitrogen content of biomass are low, and the SOX and NOX generated during the combustion process are less; when biomass is used as fuel, since the carbon dioxide it needs during growth is equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide it emits, it has a net effect on atmospheric carbon dioxide. Emissions are close to zero, effectively mitigating the greenhouse effect.
3. Wide distribution
In areas lacking coal, biomass energy can be fully utilized.
4. The total amount is very rich
Biomass energy is the fourth largest energy source in the world, after coal, oil and natural gas.

Many people want to enter the biomass energy industry, and the production of biomass pellets is an effective way to enter this industry. Before you start building a biomass pellet plant, you should do some preparatory work. Here are some tips:

Market survey
The market determines if and how your biomass wood pellet plant is profitable. The first thing to do before building a biomass pellet plant is to do market research. For example, how many people understand and use pellets, how many people are engaged in this industry, whether there is a policy restricting electricity consumption in the construction site, whether local people understand biomass energy, etc.

Raw material
In the biomass energy industry, if there are many kinds of raw materials, if you have sufficient raw materials, then you are half successful in occupying the market. The biomass pellet mill can use a variety of raw materials, such as forestry waste, pesticide residues, domestic waste, animal manure, etc. You need to ensure that the raw material resources are stable.

Production factory settings
It is also important to build biomass pellet production plants, preferably close to raw material resources. Road traffic near the factory must be smooth, which can save many unnecessary transportation costs. The plant size should be determined in advance based on the size of the biomass pellet plant you are going to build.

Pellet machine factory choose
It is very important to choose a professional pellet machine manufacturing company, they need to have rich experience in production and manufacturing, they can design the installation drawings according to your local factory, and they can guarantee professional after-sales service and sufficient supply of machine spare parts. It will be more beneficial for you if they have a branch or agent in your local area.