Shanxi miscellaneous wood biomass pellet machine produces 1.5-2 tons per hour


 wood sawdust pellet machine installation and commissioning completed

Shanxi customers purchase complete sets of equipment for the eighth generation biomass pellet machine  from our company, including: feed conveyor belt - biomass pellet machine - discharge belt conveyor - electric control cabinet

This set of equipment produces 1.5-2 tons per hour. The customer uses miscellaneous wood as the raw material, and the moisture content of the raw material is controlled at 10-15%. After the customer receives the machine and prepares the materials, the after-sales technician of Yulong Company arrives at the customer's factory as quickly as possible. The technician guides the customer to install and debug the machine and assist the customer to run the test machine together. The following are the photos and videos returned by customers on site. It can be seen that the Yulong pellet machine has uniform output, stable output and good pellet forming effect.

The operation of the machine on the customer's site

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