Maintenance of the granulator and common troubleshooting methods

Maintenance of the granulator and common troubleshooting methods

Maintenance of the pellet machine and common troubleshooting methods

The normal operation of the biomass pellet machine can ensure production efficiency, so the daily maintenance and maintenance of the equipment is very important. Due to the long-term operation of the biomass pellet machine, various failures will inevitably occur, which requires us to accumulate rich experience in troubleshooting for a long time. Below we take the eighth-generation granulator XGJ560 of Yulong Company as an example to introduce how to carry out daily maintenance and common troubleshooting methods for your reference and study.

Maintenance and maintenance of 560 granulator

1: The first replacement time of the main engine reducer oil is 500 hours of operation of the main engine, and the second replacement time is 1800 hours of operation of the main engine. Regular replacement every 1800 hours thereafter.

2: The turntable reducer has been filled with lubricating oil when it leaves the factory. After that, it will be replaced every 600 hours, and the lubricating oil will be filled with L-CKC150/220 gear oil.

3: The dust in the double-tube cloth bag of the main machine should be cleaned regularly. (This article only applies to models with bag dust removal)

4: The remaining 1/3 of the butter in the dry oil pump needs to be added with butter. The dry oil pump runs for 90 seconds and stops for 15 minutes. It is necessary to use HP high temperature complex lithium base grease with high temperature resistance above 280 degrees, extreme pressure resistance, and no impurities. When refueling, pay attention to the dust falling into the butter.

5: The cooling fan should be placed in a clean place 3 meters away from the host, and it must be cleaned 1-2 times a day when the machine is running.

6 When the alarm system of the main engine sounds, it is necessary to stop the machine in advance, clean the oil suction filter element and the cooling fan to ensure that the oil circuit is unobstructed and the temperature of the main engine is normal.

7: The electric control cabinet must be protected against dust and heat dissipation. The electric control cabinet must be cleaned regularly by vacuuming to avoid damage to electrical components.

8: The upper and lower grease fittings of the 132KW motor of the main engine are filled with high-temperature butter every 1500 hours of operation, and the high-hardness elastomer of the main engine is checked or replaced every 1800 hours.

9: The dust around the host and on the host should be cleaned once a day to avoid dust squeezing the nylon connecting sleeve, the lubricating oil pump is too oily, and the bearing is burned out.

Fault phenomenon

Failure phe nomenon Cause of issue Exclusion method
1Output is too
lower (even without
1. The mold used for first time, and
mold hole has poor finish.
2. The moisture content of materials is
too high or too low.
3, The gap between the rollers and the
mold is too large
4, The rollers and mold wear is serious
1Continue to lubricate and
grinding with oil-containing mate rials 2. Adjust the moisture content
the material.
3. Adjust the gap between the
press roller and the die.
4. Replace
2Too much pow der in the pellets 1. Low moisture content
2, The mold is excessively worn,
the compression ratio is small
1, increase the moisture content
2, Replace the new mold
3Rough surface of pellets 1High moisture content
Firstly use of the mold
1, To reduce moisture content
2, Repeated grinding with oil mate rials
4Abnormal sound 1, falling into hard debris
2, bearing damage
3, loose parts
4, gear oil has impurities, damaged
gear. 5. The elastic body of the main
motor coupling is damaged
1, stop to remove foreign bodies
2, replace the bearing
3, fastening parts
4. Check the gear or contact the
manufacturer directly.
5. Purchase original parts for re placement
5Sudden shut down 1. The load is too large (even the fuse
2, There are foreign objects entering
3. Low voltage or low actual motor
4, The oil pressure is too low
1. Appropriately increase the gap be
tween the pressure roller and the mold,
and replace the fuse.
2, Stop to remove foreign bodies
3. Replace the power cord or re place
the motor
4. Check if the suction filter is clogged,
the oil temperature is too high, the oil
has a problem, and the pressure gauge
is faulty.