Indonesian customers purchase pellet machine


Indonesian customers purchase pellet machine

When: Friday, July 8, 2022
Location: The second production plant of Shandong Yulong Machinery Co., Ltd.
Event: XGJ560 heavy-duty pellet mill exported to Indonesia

The pellet machine shipped this time is an XGJ560 heavy-duty pellet machine (160kw) with an hourly output of 2-2.5T. In this order, the customer ordered a feed conveyor, a biomass pellet machine and wearing parts. This is the second time that a customer has purchased a pellet machine from our company. In 2020, the customer has purchased 2 XGJ560 heavy-duty pellet machines from our company. Before the first purchase, the customer has undergone various inspections and listened to the advice of many friends who are doing business in the Indonesian pellet manufacturing market. Company consulting equipment. After the purchase of the machine, it has been used for more than a year without any problems, and the particle output is much higher than the customer's expectation, so the customer's idea of choosing our company's equipment is more firm.

The raw material used by the customer is the local Indonesian "sengonlaut", which is translated into Chinese as Nanyang couplet. Nanyang Yinghua is also known as "Bai He Huan", also known as "Renren Tree", "Renren Wood", 10-25M high. The crown width can reach 20M, the trunk is stout, the crown is wide and umbrella-shaped, and the tree shape is beautiful. It grows rapidly and is a well-known fast-growing tree species. It is cultivated in Fujian, Guangdong and Guangxi of China. Native to Malacca and Maluku Islands of Indonesia, it is now widely planted in various tropical regions. This species grows rapidly and is a good fast-growing tree species, mostly planted as garden trees and street trees. Wood is suitable for general furniture, interior construction, box boards, farm implements, matches, etc. With high content of wood fiber, it is an excellent material for papermaking and rayon; the young bark contains tannins, which can be used to make glue.

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