Increase Speed and Efficiency, Build A Strong Enterprise Together | YULONG-PDM Project Meeting was Successfully Held

YULONG-PDM Project Meeting

At 9:00 am on June 7, 2022, Shandong YULONG Machine Co,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “YULONG”) SOLIDWORKS PDM project kick-off meeting was officially held at the headquarters of Shandong Yulong Machinery Co., Ltd.

The meeting was presided over by Li Quanwei, General Manager of YULONG. Leaders of YULONG R&D Department, Technology Department, Manufacturing Department, Finance Department, Information Department and other departments, as well as project team members from Quanxun Technology attended the Project Launching Meeting.
SOLIDWORKS PDM project kick-off meeting was officially held at the headquarters of Shandong Yulong Machinery Co., Ltd.

At the meeting, General Manager Li Quanwei of YULONG said, “The purpose of choosing the SOLIDWORKS PDM management system is to improve R&D efficiency, reduce R&D costs, and realize the information management of operating systems through the implementation of PDM projects. I hope the project team members will fully cooperate in the project implementation process. , and strive to make the project successfully implemented and go online as quickly as possible, and maintain active and effective communication
between the two parties during the project implementation process to ensure the smooth implementation of the project according to the schedule.”

According to the agenda, Zhang Shibo, the project manager of Quanxun Technology, gave a general introduction to the implementation of the PDM project.

Manager Zhang from Quanxun introduced the project implementation background, Party B’s project organization, and the responsibilities of each position, focusing on the whole process of PDM implementation. “Happiness Curve” chart, through the “Six Elements of the project” to ensure that the YULONG PDM project is implemented as planned.

Li Quanwei, general manager of YULONG, put forward three views from the perspective of research and development: “First, from the perspective of products, the Solidworks PDM we implemented is a product life cycle management software; Second, the role of ‘people’ in the implementation process , which determines the height of the quality of the implemented products; 3. With the professionalism of Quanxun Technology’s software research and development, the detailed project implementation will definitely do well.”

On behalf of Quanxun Technology, Zhang Shibo, the project manager of Quanxun, made a supportive speech for the YULONG PDM project. He said, “With Solidworks PDM, a world-class software, it will help YULONG to become an internationally advanced energy source. At the same time, I hope that the project members of both parties will cooperate sincerely and overcome difficulties, and Quanxun Technology will fully support the continuous operation and development of the YULONG Pellet Equipment project.”


At the end of the conference, the general manager of Shandong Yulong Li Quanwei made a concluding speech. Mr. Li said that “we must be practical in planning and implement daily management into the system; project members are required to adjust their time reasonably, take various tasks in implementation seriously, and at the same time require Everyone must work together to give full play to Yulong’s team spirit and improve the ‘happiness’ of project implementation. Under the correct guidance of Mr. Guo, Quanxun Technology and our Yulong colleagues will work together to overcome the difficulties of project implementation. Standardization, processization, dataization, and institutionalization of the ‘four modernizations’ requirements, the implementation of PDM was successfully launched.”

In the warm applause of everyone, the YULONG PDM project launch conference successfully completed the various agendas. After the meeting, the project leadership team and the implementation team jointly participated in the meeting of the members of the PDM project implementation team, and the PDM project officially entered the implementation stage.

Win-win cooperation and build a R&D management platform. It is believed that the combination of YULONG’s SOLIDWORKS PDM system and Quanxun’s localized implementation services will surely make YULONG’s work process more orderly.